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Packaging is a fundamental element of customer service, being aimed at allowing maximum use of space/weight available and to minimize the risk of breakages, even on bumpy roads.

Tileswale Group packaging standards are based on carefully designed box and pallet packaging for the optimal load of trucks and containers.

That is very important when slabs and large-size tiles are to be delivered and Tileswale Group Logistics Department has devised a number of packaging system depending on product seizes and means of transport, including Euro-size pallets, a variety of wooden crates and metal A-frames.

Though shipping usually takes place under the customer’s resposnsibility, Tileswale Group is fully committed to help clients manage this activity in the best possible way.

Tileswale Group Customer Service Department works with clients and logistic companies to arrange for shipments and to guarantee that loading and unloading procedures are properly carried out, in particular at destination.

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